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Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting Beginners this year

I started working as a band teacher and assistant since August, and I knew we are having beginners this year, but I just couldn't predict how it will look like.

Well, needless to say the beginning of the year was a nightmare; tryouts, selling instruments, finding instruments in the country for students to buy, arranging their classes, all along with the other two bands taking their classes, their band rehearsals, and helping them out.

Finally Monday came and our beginners had their first band rehearsal, it was chaotic they were very excited, we were excited too, but personally I had some fear, the fear of doing it for the first time...the fear of transferring whatever knowledge I have to these students.

The rehearsal was smooth, the students were so clever and fast learners, and then it hit me...these kids are smart why are we treating them as if they don't understand a thing? I guess at that moment I discovered something that not too many people realize....children are smart!!!!

Well today I had a class with 2 groups of them, and I was amazed by them, they are really getting it faster than any group I've ever seen (and they are not that much!!).

I am so excited about them and I hope they will keep their enthusiasm all the year long.

A word to the parents and teachers: your children get it more than you know, you need to get used to that, they are thinking fast and you might be left behind already...

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