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Friday, February 25, 2011

Music teachers, why are they different?

Music is a subject that is different than any other subject a child takes at school, therefore the class is much different and so is the teacher.

If music is given in the right way it will help the students with math, science, and even languages, but if given in a wrong way it will drift students away from humanity and they will become machines with no sensitivity or morals.

The music teacher should be good in math, has some knowledge in physics, languages, and history. Sure enough these are only an addition to his very good knowledge and complete comfort in his field; music.
Characteristics of a good music teacher:
The teacher should be fully capable of leaving his/her problems outside the door, when around students always be happy and energetic, music is fun!
A music teacher should keep up with all the important events in the world in sports, politics, arts, literature, and even in architecture and medicine; he should always update his information and learn how to read a newspaper.
A music teacher should be able to deal with math and physics with relaxation within the aspects that are related to music (adding, subtracting..etc. and temperature, water...etc.)
When noticing one of the students having a problem in behavior or is not happy, the music teacher should try to communicate with this student, music is a living art and so are musicians, do not put a block between you and your students.
Good morning, good afternoon, thank you, please, and good bye; are all words a music teacher should use with students and stress they use them with each other.
Being able to talk about any musical period in history is a must, do not try to say anything you are not sure, transferring wrong information is more dangerous that not giving any.
Make sure your students move, talk, and “play” in your class, it’s a fun class do not ruin it.
These are all things I’ve learnt and I’ve been using most of them, thanks to my teacher who is now my boss our students are the best in the school educationally and disciplinary, and are often recognized all over the kingdom.


  1. Very nice post. I have to admit, I hated art and music classes in primary school. It was a combination of many reasons.

    For one, the teachers and the curriculum were just awful. Art and music are not for everybody. And people have very varying tastes.

    My personal opinion (at least that's what I think would have worked for me), is that such classes should start with appreciating art. I like art and music, but I don't enjoy composing or drawing.

    Personally, I would have appreciated if such classes helped expand students' awareness of music. Many people don't even listen to classical music, jazz, instrumentals, and the like. I personally love psychedelic trance music. Many people -including me- can't look at a masterpiece and appreciate the art. Abstract art: I admit I don't get it!

    I think such classes should at least teach the average person to acquire these skills. Asking children to draw or understand musical notes is a bit of an overkill for some.

  2. Devil's Mind, I agree, schools should start with simple music appreciation classes, then advanced stuff can come later, after having the foundation to build on.
    Ironically I hated the art class, and I used to try even missing school on that day, music class in the elementary school was the same they were a night mare for me and I never thought I would work as a teacher.

    But I guess it's different when it's advanced optional class which means the students choose to be in the band :)