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Sunday, March 11, 2012

young students and time!

When I was a student our band teacher gave us copybooks she called them "practice logs" we were asked to do 6 hours a week, surely I didn't like the idea at the beginning, I didn't like to be monitored, yes I enjoy goofing around with my instrument but no I don't like someone telling me what to do with it.

Last week we distributed these copy books to our students, asking for 6 to 8 hours every two weeks and they just flipped, there was no way to get them to be quiet or just to simply listen to us.

I was annoyed and angry that these students were saying they have no time, they have 24 hours but have no idea how to use them.

When I was their age I was in 3 bands playing two instruments, I was a computer addict, and a hungry reader, yet I don't remember using the term "I don't have time"

Please parents help us teach your kids how to manage their time to get successful men and women in the future, Jordan needs ambitious active citizens not lazy dependable ones.

Let's remember how we were raised and raise our kids that way, don't use the term "no time" in front of them, there is always time there are 24 hours a day!!!

Bahjat Abu Gharbieh

yesterday I was introduced to a great man, only it was too late as it was after his memorial service.

Bahjat Abu Gharbieh, a man who spent most of his life fighting for his land, a man that lived through wars and battles in Palestine since 1933 and until 1949 , he even was there when the great leader Abd Al-Qader Al-Husseini was killed in the Kastal battle.

Mr. Bahjat died on the 26th of February this year and still some how we did not study about him, and no one ever mentioned him in front of me until two days ago, I even was not curious to know about him until yesterday night, and I consider my self a girl that reads and know Palestine's history very well.

I wish that one day my kids will study about people like Mr. Bahjat, miss Jameela Bu Heidar, and others, ones that are still alive today and ones that died defending our land.

I urge everyone to google بهجت أبو غربية and just be surprised by how much this man accomplished and yet never asked for anything in return.