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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disbanding Amman Symphony Orchestra

Today is the last concert for the Amman Symphony Orchestra, a beautiful amazing journey has come to an end...it is with mixed feelings that I write this post it's different than any post I've ever written, I'm not here to blame anyone, and I'm tired of trying to explain the importance of the orchestra so I'm not going to do that either.

I'm writing this to say that I will miss each and every aspect of Amman Symphony orchestra, music will never be the same for me ever again. I remember the day we first auditioned to start the ASO I remember the tension I had, and I remember the dreams we all had that finally music will be the thing we do for life...just like any normal country I thought!! and I will never forget the times I spent with the musicians in the orchestra, or the Sunday Tuesday rehearsals which were sometimes a burden but now I hope to get them back just for one week!

Our journey started in 2006 and despite all what's been said I witnessed the hard work the staff did to make this work, they did all what can be done, knocked all the doors they could knock and now it's time accept the tough reality...each and everyone of them deserves a thank you; the director of the National Music Conservatory Mr. Kifah Fakoury, our great conductor Mr. Mohammad Othman, our dear manager Mr. Hisham Sharaf, and a very special thank for our American percussionist Megan who worked very hard on the petition and successfully gathered 5000 signatures to keep the ASO going...Megan you are an amazing person you didn't give up although you are leaving next year either way, your dedication is indescribable thank you so much for everything you did it was a pleasure for me to work with you.

It's hard to see that non-Jordanians believed in this orchestra and in the Jordanian musicians more than Jordan itself, hopefully Jordan will realize what they've lost and try to compensate it in the future, I would hate for current children to be raised in a country with no music.

I hope that for just one night, tonight, that Jordanians would come to the Hussein Cultural Center at 7:30 and attend our concert, this is the last concert for the only national orchestra we've ever had...

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