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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Shall We Dance" how is it related to life

I've seen the movie Shall We Dance hundreds of times, but when I saw it yesterday night it felt as if it's the first time for me to watch this film.

I started thinking, and too many questions came on my mind.
Should one be really embarrassed for not being happy with his spouse? Will it ever be easy to confess not being happy without hurting the other part?
All these questions I leave to you to think about.

But the most important question about this film for me was… should a couple always do everything together? Is there anything as “my own world” in a marriage?

I noticed a lot of females complaining about their spouse having a world of his own, that she cannot be in, and of course visa versa, but I think if you have the confidence in yourself and you TRUST your spouse then you will be able to train yourself to be happy for the “own world” your lover has.

Studies stated that if both parties in a marriage has their own friends, separate work environments the marriage would last longer and be happier…

This movie Shall We Dance will never get old, well at least for me… if you’ve never watched this movie then you need to do it will just give you the push you need to go on…

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