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Friday, February 25, 2011

The end of the tunnel

For four years I've been looking at the end of the tunnel, sometimes I saw the light bright and shining almost like the sun, and other times I couldn't even notice it, it was too weak as a start at noon time.

Today, after I graduated, after I finished four years of hard work, I can see that the tunnel is just starting and what I saw before was barely a bridge to what's coming next.

I realize now that a very long tunnel has just appeared, and that I started my journey in it the minute I stepped out of that room as a graduate, and I am sure I'm ready for this journey, in fact I've been waiting for it wanting sometimes to run to it, but now I realize how beautiful it is when it comes in the right time.

I can't wait for this trip to begin and I have good feelings about it, I am lucky and I know it, I have a teaching job that I love, students that I care about, and teachers who prepared me well for this trip whom promised to stay there whenever I need them.

Thank you all it's been an honor for me to study with all of you, I promise to try my best not to let anyone of you down ever.

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