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Monday, August 1, 2011

LeBAM camp in Lebanon

Today was the second day of a music camp in Lebanon, this year it is in Baskinta, a town in the mountain, it is a very beautiful town surrounded by trees and hills.

The camp it self is a success...130 students all Lebanese but two; an Iraqi-an guy and me, all the others are Lebanese students, their experience varies between 5 months and 5 years with age differences from 9 years old to 40 something...all in different group taught by professional teachers from Lebanon and other countries.

I wish more camps will be held in the rest of the Arab world, this camp is a great start supported by families, people from the representative council and other people from around Lebanon.

It is great to see such thing in Lebanon, and great to see the youth of Lebanon investing their time in such a great way.

The camp will finish next Sunday 7/8 there will be two concerts one on Saturday and the other on Sunday...

All the best wishes to the faculty who are giving their time to the students with enthusiasm while a smile is always on their faces.

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