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Friday, August 19, 2011

Banks in Jordan

I'm 23 years old, I work in a descent school and I play in Amman Symphony Orchestra, I considered myself in a very good financial situation in relevance to my age, until the day came and I decided I really need a car.
I chose the car I want, not a fancy one but one that would last with all the driving I have to do and would fit my instrument (the Tuba). The hard part came next, paying for the car.
I started doing the papers the bank asked for, the dealer was helping me, but I discovered later that I really need to prove that I don’t need the loan so I can get it!!!!
My salary was not enough (although I have two salaries) my bank statement was not convincing, and my sponsors were not reliable.
Seriously Jordanian banks, look beyond your nose…you technically can take the car back anytime I don’t pay, you have my bank accounts in your mercy…and I have 2 jobs…what more do you want? Believe me if I had the cash I wouldn’t even bother with you…

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