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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A letter to the "new" parents

I am a 23 years old girl, I was raised in a traditional Jordanian family, we had rules, boundaries, and we didn't get whatever we wanted easily, this helped all 3 of us; me, my brother, and my sister become well raised men and women independent and responsible

9 was bed time till I finished high school, 2 hours a day maximum for computer and tv, and playing outside or visiting friends was for the weekend...I didn't have an Xbox, I didn't have a PlayStation, and I didn't have a mobile till I was in the 12th grade.

I have no idea why a 6th grade student would be up using Facebook at 12 am, and I have no idea why the sentence "I don't have time" is on their tongue all the time...since I am a teacher I know the curriculum didn't change much since I was in school, it didn't get much harder although I admit these boys and girls are smarter now...so where did I go wrong with the math?? 

let's go back to the way our parents raised us...let's make sure our kids don't start drinking coffee at the age of 12...stick to milk I still have it almost everyday!!!

give them the right to be kids, don't take that away from them they have plenty of time to stay up late and get irresponsible about their health...

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